Media Communications

Media Communications

Media Communications

 Written by Zackary RIchards for Ari Communications

Before I befuddle you in corporate speak I’ll just say this: When it comes to marketing, communication is key. I doesn’t matter what you’re marketing, if you don’t provide a clear, laser-targeted, eye catching advertisement you’re wasting your money.

Another waste of money is the having a media campaign that is too broad. I received my yearly copy of the yellow pages the other day and was somewhat startled to see that they still published it.

Whatever for?

Landlines, except for businesses are almost extinct and speaking of businesses, why would you place an ad in the yellow pages? When was the last time you looked up anything in the yellow pages? Especially when you can do a google search and find exactly what you’re looking for, plus reviews and comments regarding the quality of their service.

And when it comes to mass market communication the best and most laser targeted ads are those on Facebook. With their ad structure you can set up your ad to be seen by a specific group of people. Facebook users type in their likes and a considerable amount of personal information into their Facebook page in order to communicate with like-minded people.

I’ll give you an example. Say you sell sports memorabilia. Things like jerseys, posters, foam fingers, cheese hats etc. You can set it up so that your ad is seen only by people who have indicated they like sports. Or say you sell tutorials on woodworking. You create an ad that is seen only by those people to who are interested in that topic. What’s even better is as your ad is running, Facebook shows you the demographics of the people clicking on it. So should you discover that women over 35 and men over 40 have no interest in what you’re selling, you remove them and refocus your ad to the people who are interested and by doing so increase sales.

Another advantage is that you can place a ad for as little as 10 dollars a day and the better it does, the lower the cost per click. When I place ads for my business, my clicks usually start around thirty-three cents a click, but if it does well by day three I’m down to around 14 cents a click, lowering my costs by more than 50%.

 Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create one for yourself

Now keep in mind these are people who are actually looking at your ad AND are interested in what you have to sell. You can’t get that kind of direct marketing with magazine or newspaper ads, radio ads or even TV ads. If recorded, I generally fast forward through the commercials, if not, I mute.

My daughter has a business called that markets directly to women who own, or want to start businesses. She doesn’t waste money on marketing to anyone outside that demographic. She runs ads fashioned like this one:

Start a Home based business today! Click Here!

See? Very direct. If you are on her site and are interested in starting a business, you click on the ad, fill in your name and email address and they send you information on business startups for women.

What’s more its like I said in the beginning. Her demographic is clear, laser targeted and eye-catching. And by eye-catching she knows that her potential customers do not like flashy, gaudy or crass. These are professional women focused on business, so the ads are fashioned conservatively and in a business-like manner.

So keep in mind who you want your ads to reach each time you market your product or services. It will keep costs down and increase customer sales.

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