I’m 15 and all of my friends use Facebook



Remember when I was 13 and I wrote that article that went viral, “I’m 13 and none of my friends use Facebook“? Yeah, about that…

Now I’m 15 and I use Facebook

I’m in high school, and Facebook is a part of my social media life, because A LOT OF MY FRIENDS USE FACEBOOK

As the youngest of teens, Facebook wasn’t something I used

The lives of middle school kids are different than a high schooler’s, which may seem obvious to you, but I didn’t know that yet at 13. When I was 13, Facebook was the website my mom’s friends would message me on to send me photos of their babies. In eighth grade, having just gotten access to Facebook, I wasn’t concerned about status updates because, really, none of my friends would read them anyway. I had Instagram and ask.fm, which is where my friends were posting Read more…

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