Which Fast Fashion Brands Are Winning on Social? (Infographic)

Some of the highest-performing content on social media comes from fashion brands, and platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest are making it easier for people to own the clothes they see on the sites.

But which fast fashion brands are doing the best job on social? Sprinklr, a Facebook Marketing Partner, put together an interesting infographic showing the social prowess of Topshop, Zara, H&M and Forever 21.

Spredfast shared some selected findings:

  • Topshop has the highest quality brand perception. Thanks to 59 percent positive feedback on customer service, and 84 percent on product quality, this brand wins in overall brand perception. H&M and Zara, however, have remarkably high positive sentiment around pricing perception, at 89 percent and 87 percent, respectively.
  • But scale isn’t everything. Topshop has a fraction of Zara’s audience (12 million vs. 30.7 million follower counts) but an engagement ratio that’s dramatically stronger: 29.84 percent vs. 7.91 percent. That means that while Topshop has a smaller following, that audience is more likely to engage with any given post.
  • Brands love Instagram. Photos are the best-performing type of content across all social networks and for all four brands. For the four fast-fashion brands we looked at, Instagram likes are, on average, 86x higher than Facebook likes, and Instagram comments are 30x higher than Facebook comments.

retailBenchmarkingInfographic-minImage courtesy of Shutterstock.



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