Facebook Notify Stand-Alone App Officially Launches

Yes, we know, most mobile users are overrun by notifications, but the key to Notify, the U.S. iPhone application Facebook officially released Wednesday, is complete control over those notifications.

Facebook’s testing of Notify was first reported last month by The Awl, and last week, Financial Times reported that the app’s launch was imminent.

Notify allows users to choose from this list of 72 content providers, with more to be added “in the near future.” Once the content providers—or stations, as Facebook refers to them—are selected, users can customize the topics they wish to receive notifications on.

Swiping left on those notifications will bring users to the content via Notify’s browser, or notifications can be added to a saved notifications list for later viewing, edited, or shared by swiping right.

Facebook will provide personalized station recommendations based on users’ interests on the social network, and stations can be unsubscribed from and resubscribed to at any time.

Product manager Julian Gutman offered more details in a Newsroom post introducing Notify:

To create your personal mix of notifications, you select the stations from which you want to receive updates. Sources will publish notifications through these stations when there are relevant updates. Notify also provides station suggestions based on your Facebook profile, and it’s easy to discover and add new stations any time.


You’ll receive notifications, delivered right to your lock screen, and a quick glance will keep you connected to the things that you care about throughout the day. If you want to see more, just swipe or tap through any Notify notification to open the link in the app’s browser, where you can read the full article, watch the video or view the site.


It’s easy to share your favorite notifications with friends via text, email, Facebook or other social networks, right from your lock screen. If a notification catches your eye when you’re busy or distracted, just swipe to add it to your saved notifications list. You can discover all the notifications you’ve received from Notify in the past 24 hours via a convenient in-app feed so you can easily stay up to date.


Readers: Will you download and try out Notify?


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