Twitter Has Spoken: The Heart Beats The Star

Despite outcries when Twitter changed its favorite star into a like heart, Twitter says that it has seen an uptick in activity since the switch.

Twitter’s senior vp of product, Kevin Weil, noted at the Open Mobile Summit this week in San Francisco that they’ve seen an increase in like activity in the first week following the decision: 6 percent for existing users, 9 percent for new users.

According to TechCrunch, Weil said that the like action is “easier to understand.”

Weil elaborated:

We put a lot of thought into a change as fundamental as replacing star with heart. We tested it a bunch of different ways across a bunch of different countries. Trying different icons, different words. … The heart is a universal symbol. It’s a much more inclusive symbol.

For marketers, this could have a positive effect, as more people could engage with your brand’s tweets. Aaron Goldman, CMO of 4C Insights, told SocialTimes that “that this change should help drive engagement and that’s good for advertisers.” He pointed out two benefits for brands:

  1. It makes Twitter stickier as a platform for generating (and measuring) brand interaction
  2. It provides more signals about what people using Twitter are interested in and that’s helpful for ad targeting

Readers: Do you prefer the heart or the star?


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