Facebook Pages’ Engagement, Reach Continue Slumping (Report)

Engagement rates for Facebook pages continued to slide in October, as did average reach for their posts, according to the latest research from social analytics and reporting firm Locowise.

Locowise found that pages’ engagement rate for October, 5.87 percent, was the lowest it has seen in the six months it has been conducting these studies, and it was down from 6.15 percent in September, with the largest pages (those with more than 1 million likes) seeing engagement of just 5.6 percent.

As for average reach for page posts, the October figure of 7.25 percent also marked a six-month low and was down from 7.91 percent in September. Larger pages continued to lag behind, with their posts reaching an average of only 4.24 percent of page likes.

Other findings by Locowise included:

  • Organic page likes growth for October was 0.2 percent, down slightly from 0.24 percent in September, but larger pages saw organic page like growth of just 0.04 percent.
  • Videos continued to deliver the most reach by post type, at 9.45 percent, followed by links (8.53 percent), photos (6.84 percent) and status updates (4.44 percent).
  • However, in terms of engagement, photos led, at 6.23 percent, followed by videos (5.98 percent), status updates (4.19 percent) and links (3.93 percent).
  • 43.41 percent of Facebook pages used advertising on the social network to buy 30.54 percent of their total reach in October, up from 42.95 percent in September. That number rose to 47.83 percent for larger pages.

Readers: Did any of Locowise’s findings for October surprise you?



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