Lukas Sliwka Promoted to CTO of Grindr

Gay casual dating app Grindr announced recently the promotion of a new chief technology officer: Lukas Sliwka, formerly the company’s vp of engineering.

Grindr founder and CEO Joel Simkhai discussed the promotion in a press release:

Grindr’s focus is to deliver meaningful, instant connections for our app users. In the last two years, Lukas has played a critical role in driving our mobile innovation journey, while improving the overall Grindr experience for our users. His technical savvy and creative skill will play an important role in the future growth of Grindr as a top lifestyle destination for contemporary gay men.

As vp of engineering, Sliwka helped Grindr scale to more than 2 million daily active users in nearly 200 countries. He has been responsible for spearheading the overhaul of Grindr’s key systems and mobile clients, improving the app’s security measures and managing a global team of engineers.

Sliwka talked about his work with Grindr in a press release:

As an engineer by training, the opportunity to use technology to connect people in new and dynamic ways has been especially rewarding. Using cutting edge innovation to tackle the challenges of keeping Grindr at the forefront of location-based apps, we’ve also made the company a much more active and attractive career opportunity for technology specialists. I’m particularly proud that in the past two years, we’ve doubled the size of Grindr’s tech team to more than 40 percent of total staff today. That’s a sign of both our commitment to tech, and of the welcoming work environment we’ve developed for tech people in Los Angeles and beyond.


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