#SmallBizSat Squeezed Out on Twitter by Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Some of the biggest shopping days in the American market are coming up soon, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers discuss deals on Twitter.

However, the conversation on Twitter around Small Business Saturday has been minimal compared to those two.

Brandwatch tracked the Twitter mentions around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday over the past two weeks. They’ve seen more than 189,000 mentions of Black Friday and nearly 9,300 mentions of Cyber Monday, but only about 4,500 mentions of Small Business Saturday.

But what are people talking about most? Naturally, electronics have dominated the conversation on Twitter.


While both men and women are talking about electronics on Twitter, Brandwatch data shows that the gender breakdown on the clothing conversations skews female.

image017Brandwatch found that the clothing deal many women are talking about on Twitter comes from Victoria’s Secret, which has dominated the brand-based conversation these past two weeks.

Brandwatch elaborated in an email to SocialTimes:

At Brandwatch, we’ve been tracking dozens of the top brands participating in Thanksgiving weekend holiday sales events from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday and all the deals in between turkey feasting. One brand has set themselves apart from all others in their industry, and outside of their industry, and that’s Victoria’s Secret.

With well over 6,000 mentions in the last month specifically related to their Black Friday deal (a whopping 90% off) Victoria’s Secret is that she’s slashing prices beyond anything shoppers had hoped for and Twitter is intending to take her up on her offer.

The usual heavy-hitter electronics brands including Playstation (2,000), Apple (1,500) and Xbox (1,400), have received a fraction of the mentions as VS has.


While Amazon has been the most discussed retailer over the past two weeks (34 percent of the mentions tracked), Best Buy and Walmart have seen spikes:


Readers: Do you use Twitter to learn about holiday shopping deals?



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