QuizUp Reveals Most Popular Trivia Topic in Each State

Plain Vanilla Games, creator of the QuizUp mobile trivia game, has analyzed the habits of American QuizUp players to discover which topics are the most popular in each state in the U.S.

The company analyzed million of games played by American users, and has determined the most popular topic in each state, and in Washington D.C., as well as the most popular topics in the entire country overall.

A blog post explains:

We set out to gather and present the data on the most popular trivia topics nationwide and in each state, analyzing millions of games played on American soil. We then ranked the 50 most popular topics in each state in order of total games played.

In the map below, we’ve presented the single topic that ranked higher in a given state than in any other. For instance, if a particular topic was ranked No. 5 in one state and the highest ranking it received in any other state was No. 11, we designated the topic as that state’s favorite on the basis of relative interest.

The state map reveals the popularity of major television shows and movies, as topics like Frozen and The Big Bang Theory (as examples) are the most popular topics in New Hampshire and Iowa, respectively. While some popular topics may seem unusual, others make complete sense. For instance, the most popular topic in Washington D.C. is U.S. Government, while the most popular topic in Washington state is the Seattle Seahawks.

In addition to breaking down topics by state, Plain Vanilla Games determined the top ten QuizUp categories across the country, with Logos and General Knowledge coming in at first and second place, followed by Disney Movies, Name the Food and Frozen in the top five.

Check out the full results in the infographics below.

QuizUp States

QuizUp America


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