What Drove Social Buzz on Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

The biggest shopping season of the year for retailers is here, as many companies posted about Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals on social this past weekend.

But which brands and verticals were most effective?

According to Brandwatch, most of the conversation was around electronics and clothing.

Brandwatch explained in an email to SocialTimes:

Over the last week, clothing (41 percent) just missed the title of being the most talked about product type for this holiday shopping occasion. While mentions of clothing spiked on Black Friday itself more so than electronics, toys and home goods, electronics still dominate with 1% more share of voice in the last 7 days, for a total of 42 percent share of voice.


Unmetric also tracked Thanksgiving’s most-engaging brand posts:

The three most Retweeted Twitter brand tweets about Thanksgiving came from:

The three most Liked Facebook brand posts about Thanksgiving came from:

The three most Liked Instagram brand posts about Thanksgiving came from:

Lux Narayan, Unmetric’s CEO, commented on brands’ activity over the two big days:

There are multiple insights for brands to discover as they analyze this year’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday social content from other brands. Posts that express gratitude toward our service men and women do well. Contrarian themes like REI’s anti-Black Friday campaign also attract attention. One of the biggest takeaways is looking at how brands like Victoria’s Secret create winning content across multiple social channels, including Instragram, which only continues to increase in popularity.

Though Victoria’s Secret was a popular brand mentioned, Brandwatch noted that it wasn’t all glowing reviews of deals. The lingerie retailer was, by far, the most-mentioned over the past week:


While most of the sentiment was neutral, those that did have an emotion about Victoria’s Secret on social weren’t always happy.


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