Ello’s New Feed Categories: Goodbye Friends & Noise, Hello Following & Starred

Ello, the minimalist social network, announced recently that it’s changing how it categorizes its two main feeds.

Previously, Ello members could follow someone and categorize them as friends or noise. Now, the two options will be following and starred.

Ello addressed this change in an email to users:

Since we launched last fall you’ve been able to keep Ello organized by sorting the people you follow into two streams. This innovation always gets Ello a lot of love.

But it turns out that the names we chose aren’t very intuitive. Ello’s customer service inbox is constantly full of people asking what “Friends” and “Noise” actually mean, and the best way to use them!

So today we renamed the two streams. And in the spirit of Ello, we made things simpler.

Friends is now called “Following”. Noise is simply “Starred”.

When you Star someone, their posts appear in your Starred stream — exactly as they did with Noise. Star the people you love, or to sort people that you’re not so sure about (or that post a bit too much!). It’s up to you.

Ello also noted in the email that it has added one-click following. Your web browser will also remember viewing preferences, such as list or grid mode.

Readers: How are you enjoying Ello so far?


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